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Advanced Persistent Training
Take Your Security Awareness Programme to the Next Level

Security Awareness trainers are often frustrated with getting people to abandon their risky habits and adopt secure behaviours.

This book explains how you can easily trigger dramatic changes in how your users behave.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to implement Gamification the right way, even for people who hate games.
  • How to present Awareness materials all year-round in a way that people will really listen.
  • Numerous tips from a wide range of disciplines to handle especially difficult situations.
  • How Security Awareness leaders have addressed the same problems you face.
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  • Quote mark

    Jordan's book is a clear benefit to our industry and, indeed, is a book that needed to be written.”

    Mark Chapman

    President and Founder, PhishLine
  • Quote mark

    Whether you are starting a security awareness program from scratch, or simply looking for ways to improve your current program, this book is a must read.”

    Nick Santora

    CEO, Curricula
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    This book will be on my bookshelf as a reference work in building the best security awareness programs for my clients."

    Christopher Hadnagy

    Author of Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking
  • Quote mark

    ... a superb outline, with so many non-intuitive elements neatly intertwined, I can only say, Bravo!”

    Winn Schwartau

    Founder and CEO, The Security Awareness Company
  • Quote mark

    Jordan's guide is useful for any type of security awareness, be it a topical intervention or an entire curriculum of training, like software security. Highly recommended!”

    Mark Merkow

    Information Security Architect, Author, and Educator
Author Jordan Schroeder, CISSP, CISM

Jordan Schroeder, CISSP, CISM

About the Author

Jordan's career has spanned the Coast Guard, Tech School Department Head, a DDoS research company, and Security Management. He is kept busy as a moderator for the StackExchange Security forum, maintaining personal honeypots, and running the SelfPhish phishing research platform.